From 1 August 2018:

Assessment / Therapy Sessions

You will qualify for one of two rates:

  • Standard rate: £113/hr (if you are self-funded, have health insurance or where an assessment or treatment is requested and funded by an external agency or institution).
  • A concessionary rate of £95/hr is available if: a) your income falls below £30,000 p.a., and b) if you share a household with your partner, your combined income is less than £50,000 p.a. If another person pays for your sessions (e.g. a parent or relative), a decision about the applicable rate is based on his/her income. The concessionary rate is not available if you have health insurance or if your treatment is funded by an external agency or organisation. 

Practice rates are reviewed annually and new rates introduced on 1 August; we regret that they are not negotiable.

You will not be expected to commit to a financial agreement to purchase a set number of sessions.

I am a registered healthcare provider with AXA PPP, VitalityHealth, Signa and Aviva. If your health insurance is with a different company, my registration is generally straightforward to arrange. However, please note that, unfortunately, I do not provide a service to Bupa members. If you intend to make a claim, please check the level of your cover and establish the appropriate administrative procedures before starting treatment.

Reports / email correspondence (other than for administrative purposes)

Pro rata according to the standard / concessionary / institutional rate per 15 min. time unit.

CBT supervision

£75 per session (1hr) and pro rata per 15 min. additional time unit.


All appointments cancelled more than 24hrs before the appointment, will not be charged. Any sessions cancelled less than 24hrs before the appointment, will be charged in full.

Payment method

Payment can be made by cheque/cash/BACS (BACS is preferred), or we will invoice your insurance company.